Focus On A Few Things


I just turned 37 years old and I am very grateful for every single day since my 'near death accident'. Around 20 years ago, I was somewhat hit by a speeding car that had my BMX bicycle mutilated in ways unimaginable, but I survived the whole episode without a single scratch on me. If I did not make the split second jump off my bike, I would probably not be around to write this post for you today.

Life can be really short and the end may come unexpectedly for us, or sooner than we think. I try to remind myself every day that I only have that much of hours left and I really need to spend it wisely. In terms of work, I only focus on areas related to coaching and books. These are the kind of commitments that I feel is important not only for me but to those I serve and bring value to, and I only invest my time in activities that I am confident that I will be working on even when I am old. As for my personal life, it would have to be my family and health.

A CEO's Idea Of Unity


I was fortunate enough to have met up with a humble CEO recently. We were sharing ideas about the recent general election and how hopeful we both are for our country. Then the topic of unity came up and we wanted to know each other's take on it. We saw it very differently. His advice - unity was never an invitation for us to even consider accepting. It is, in his opinion, an initiation that starts from us to create bridges to unite us. There will always be possibilities for us to create unity by offering our time to visit friends and family. My view of unity comes from the home, where we as parents should practice it within the family, and with those outside of it. A small step to set the expectation straight for the next generation.

Younger Generation

Scan10001 2.JPG

We recently held our 14th general election. I was one of the 'rakyat' who stood in line for two and a half hours, under the hot sun, just to cast my vote that day. I enjoyed every single second of it. 

The attendance of the younger generation was now apparent, some waking up really early in the morning to make a difference in their future. Seeing them only renewed my hopes for change.  Although there were a lot of deeply shared frustrations about how our country was governed, I could tell that all our hearts are with Malaysia and our love for this country is immeasurable. 

When one is unhappy, it is not about the country, it is really about how the country is governed. We have to always remember when to separate between the two. As for me, I try to look past the politics to find my loyalty grounded in the 'tanah'. I have a great love for this country and this where my heart is... Malaysia. I cannot wait for my children to represent her.

Don't Do What You Love

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The idea of 'do what you love and the money will come' is something I found very hard to construe over the past few years. It is a sentiment that I have been sharing with people and the feedback clearly points out that this may not stand true most of the time.

For illustration sake, I would like to share about my love for painting. I could be doing it for years on my own at home and the idea of money flying towards me is still unconceivable. I kept telling myself that something is missing. I personally grappled over this gap for a while now.

Now I would like to have you consider an alternate statement to the above - 'do what it takes to create the value you want for others and the money will come'. Always starting with the value that I intend to give, and do whatever it takes to make it happen. How is this better?

Let's go back to my love for painting and play out a different scenario now. I am going to start with the value I intend to give, that is to write a book that can help people realise their purpose, and the best way to help them understand their purpose is to provide them with illustrations on certain concepts from the book. Now, I will do whatever it takes to do the illustrations because I know it will help my readers visualise better. Hence, in doing so, I end up loving what I do as I gradually learn about the satisfaction that others are getting from it. It so happens, people benefited from book and they will exchange money for it.

I guess the right way to go about it is to first decide what value are you trying to create for others, and do what it takes to deliver that value. In the process of creating value, you will eventually love what you do and, as the cliche goes, the money will come soon after.

Being Curious


"Curiosity kills the cat", so they say but I still think it is a good thing for the cat. I used to think that it was risky to be curious, that danger will suddenly pop up to bite you in the butt when you are curious enough to start breaking rules. I can remember burning half my house down when I was young but I won't go into that. 

What if the rules do not make sense? What if the rules or the system are not applicable today and can be improved? Sometimes breaking the norm of what society expects, or going beyond our fears, can be a good learning process that creates change. 

Back when I was in secondary school, I was influenced by the so-called 'law-breakers' who thought me that there is life beyond the brick walls that contained us. Skipping school became a daily adventure for me. I enjoyed being in the wild and in different environments. I knew that what is stored behind this rebellious act will somehow amount to something useful.  

I guess I found myself that way. Today, I acknowledge that it is good to do something hard and uncomfortable because all growth and opportunities are almost certainly found behind them, and not necessarily in those that are easy and predictable. Side note, please don't burn your house down.

Meeting Myself


It has been more than two years of solitude and soul searching. I have come around one full circle to realise how much I enjoy illustrating and writing for my books, blog and programmes. It is something I really love to do that brings value and builds meaningful relationships with others.

It is not only important to enjoy what you are doing, but to also consider the sustainability side of things. I believe in the value that I am bringing, and I am sure others do too, therefore the support will come if, and only if, I bring value to them. It is already happening today. Non of the above will come easy, or at least in a short period of time. Here is an insight if you are planning to go down this path.

Solitude and being by yourself has big role to play here. There will be many talks made between yourself and the inner-self while you are on the journey. You will need the to gain the trust from the inside out in order to be really honest with yourself, only then will the inner-self open up to reveal areas in your life that is important to you. I never found this possible while I was in the mode of being busy. You see, we can be busy focusing on work all the time, while we neglect our inner-self who is screaming for attention. Invest your time to get to know him or her today.


Bookmark This


I was not sure whether or not to go up to Sultan Nazrin the other day. We were at one section of the bookstore where his bodyguards were standing around doing what they do best - observing for any potential threats that may harm him. In return, I cannot help myself from observing the sultan's every move.

He is indeed a book lover. Now almost filling up his basket, he was picking up books from different sections, covering politics, history, business and maybe even some law books. It is rare for me to see someone gobble up so many books in one go. I was inspired to see how much he reads.

Books are a wonderful way to grow and expand our minds. It can help us generate new ideas for our personal and professional life. Reading books is also an affordable way to have a conversation with the author about their topics.

Like they say, if you want to know someone better, find out what he or she reads. 

Welcome To The Jungle Gym

I was so accustomed to the corporate ladder that I never knew anything else existed. It was always made known to me that we should all strive to climb it, and to retire at the top. Sounds nice and there is nothing wrong with that. You need to earn your place up at the ladder and I do respect the ladder, but I also like the notion of the jungle gym.

The jungle gym is a cool place for entrepreneurs, makers, experimentalist, digital nomads and risk takers to grow themselves in a more dynamic and fluid fashion. They embrace the flexibility of jumping between corporations and startups in order to grow themselves, often seeing the ladder as a horizontal bridge to take on different experiences and challenges through the work they choose.

Don't get me wrong about it being totally cool. The jungle gym is not for everyone or for the faint hearted, like me.