Having A Meal


Her food is now everywhere, on her mouth and dress, over the counter of her seat, and on the floor over a protective plastic layer. She was trained since young to eat on her own, a technique called baby-led weaning — not the prettiest of sight. For parents who are not used to it, they would consider us not teaching our child to eat correctly. My wife has experienced public shaming of this kind once by another mom, on how messy my girl was with her food. For those of you who don't know, public shaming is an act of another mother negatively commenting on another in public, not common but it does happen — one of those human traits that I find very amusing and mind-boggling. Our girl came out okay in the end.

At The Park With Her


The special moment spent with my girl is priceless. It is true what they say about having kids; the joys and how they will change you for the better. Though the parent's state of mind does play a significant role in feeling this way, if the parent does not appreciate the family, then there is nothing much the world can do about it. As for now, I am really grateful to be able to spend time with my child at the park and to experience the colourful fishes and birds with her. Being a father again, I could not ask for more, and from a point of reflection, I can only say that I am humbled. When you are at this state, there is no need to prove yourself to anyone. It is all personal.