Workshops For Thinkers


Richard’s personal workshops that are already being used by corporate, universities and schools to help them think out of the box.


Discover Your Purpose

Are we all getting on the innovation bandwagon for the sake of just being on it? This 1-day workshop encourages participants to explore their purpose before they dive into the world of entrepreneurship. 


Ideation From The Inside Out

It is not good enough to come up with an idea and assume that it will solve a customer’s problem. This is why most ideas fail over a short period of time because ideas are not validated properly.


Learn The Art Of Storytelling

Ever wanted to better position your company and products through stories? This 1-day workshop encourages participants to craft their personal story or corporate message with the use of an ancient technique called storytelling.


Become A Self-Published Author

Are you looking to become a self-published author so you can share your ideas through a book? This coaching programme will guide you through a series of steps that all self-published authors go through.


“I have been sharing your taught with my circle of people. Yes I do subscribe to Christianity but I concur with the two things that you informed us. To create value and to build meaningful relationships. Indeed. It does help me to better orientate myself when I approach the things that I do now.”

- Victor, Nielsen