Richard’s personal projects that you can help fund; for its worthy cause or for the related products that only you as a funder will get.

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Cycle from Osaka to Tokyo (COT)

“It is going to take weeks to cycle from Osaka to Tokyo and I am hoping to bring you with me on this journey of self-discovery, as I meet up with the local children to document their stories and illustrations.”

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A physical copy of Richard’s Core Purpose book, plus all digital artworks, writings and updates made during his cycling trip from Osaka to Tokyo.

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Publish My Book On Balance (PBB)

“Like my previous books on Mindsets and Core Purpose, this one will be the next step in my journey towards discovering our balance around Spirituality, Mind, Heart and Body. Each of these areas in our lives will be presented in the form of a fable for your reading pleasure.”

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Pledge US$ 20 or more
A digital and physical copy of the book, plus all the digital artworks, writings, updates that were made for the book.