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Thoughts during my solitude. A new book containing a collection of personal thoughts and original artworks made during Richard's entrepreneurial journey.

Thoughts during my personal solitude

Thank you so much for taking interest in this book. It contains my thoughts and ideas throughout my entrepreneurship journey. It is not a ‘how-to’ manual, nor is it a guide on how to become an entrepreneur. I would instead like to encourage you to come up with your own questions and answers around it - and try to link them back to your own experiences. Ultimately, your life is a personal journey that is more interesting than any book ever written. So here you have it, my thoughts at your disposal. I hope you find joy in reading them as much as I did writing them down.

14 thoughts in words

Each thought is presented in a page that is easy to read and ponder over. They are reflections in the form of words that will help you reflect on your own ideas and experiences.

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14 handcrafted artworks

Every thought conceived is not complete without a vivid imagination. What you will have in your hands is a handbook that is fashioned by my personal artworks.

8 Mind Shifting Interviews

Meet 8 entrepreneurs who came together to share their mindsets. Follow them on their journey through life. Experience being alone in Nepal, or how its like to be in a silent meditation. 

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Praises for Mindsets

In this book, Richard Ong offers his personal thoughts on life and business as he pursues his entrepreneurship journey. Introducing them through his own words and illustrations, he cleverly combines them together with his warmth and humanity that he believes will help you ignite your very own entrepreneurial journey.


“Soul-baring without a barrage of words.
Each illustration fittingly paints a thousand words.”

- Dr Hendry, Victoria University MBA Programme

“This book will be on my table to motivate me daily.”

- Joanne

“Your book is super awesome. In fact, I read it twice.”

- Andy

“You are an honorable man.”

- Samuel Kim, Center for Asia Leadership

“You’ve ignited a fire and WORQ’s community wouldn’t be the same without you.”

- Community Team, WORQ

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A note from the author - "Thank you so much for your support. It really means a lot to me. Your decision to support this book will bring benefit to others in the future. Sincerely yours, Richard Ong."

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