Teaching The All-Girls Coder Camp


It is mid-autumn festival, and 6 pm was closing in on me quickly. I called a Grab and rushed back to WORQ TTDI to run my first all-girls Coder Camp. Three beautiful ladies stayed back after work to learn how to jumpstart their ExpressJS environment in the cloud and learned how to code in HTML, CSS and FlexBox. They are now on their way to build us a knowledge portal for the community. They will eventually learn to develop some logic on React and Redux for their spanking web app.

Richard Ong is the author of Mindsets and Core Purpose. He is deeply passionate about helping others develop new products and services for the future. He is also a business coach and keynote speaker, with multiple IBM Bravo and Performance awards. He was met by Prince Charles to discuss his entrepreneurial efforts in Malaysia and was featured on national radio.

Richard Ong earned his Masters in Business Administration from Victoria University, Melbourne. He was the president of the VUMBA Community from 2010 to 2011 and was recognised as a WORQ super-member in 2018 for his community-building efforts. He also teaches part-time at Sunway University and Jeffrey Sachs Center.

Visit roptcreate.com to learn more and to connect with him.