Ease Of Doing Business In Indonesia

EODB_The NZ Experience_Bandung_Day 2_20190226_286.jpg

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is an international business development agency, focusing on helping governments and businesses grow faster internationally. They recently brought together a group of companies to share their ideas and experiences around the digital strategies implemented by the New Zealand government. A move to make it easier for international businesses to setup up faster there. There is no doubt that New Zealand is ranked number 1 in the world by The World Bank for their ease of doing business. Most countries around the region would take weeks to register an international company locally, but in New Zealand, it will take only a day.

I was part of the New Zealand Trade & Enterprise delegation to share the changing trends and strategies of digital governments that are changing how citizens and businesses interact with their governments. For example, the Singapore government is quickly maturing from their digital strategies by introducing Smart Nation IoT to improve its service quality and responsiveness. New Zealand is also working on their digital identity capabilities like RealMe to make it easier for citizens to prove their identity online.

Besides the sharing session, design thinking workshops were organised for the governments of Jakarta and Bandung. Much of the challenges that they were working on were related to infrastructure needs like traffic congestion and internal operations. I have facilitated many design thinking workshops in the past, but this is the first time we were only given a day to run through the whole process from ideation to prototyping. We were up for the challenge and did it anyway.