Speaking with BFM 89.9


The phone rang one afternoon, a lady with a sweet voice introduced herself as Christina Wong, and she asked me whether I was interested to talk about my books. I have gotten many interview request from entrepreneurs in the past but this time was a going to be a little bit different.

Christina Wong represents BFM 89.9, a radio station that I listened to whenever I am driving in my car. This station will give you the right mix of business, politics and other exciting topics that will enlighten you. Even their collection of music has a good mix to it.

I was there early as I was curious to find out where BFM 89.9 radio station is. Many interesting and smart people from all walks of life have been to the office for their interview sessions, and I thought that I could get a scoop of their presence while I am there.

The office space is like a startup, with staff dressing down in jeans and t-shirt. This place is not an up-tight pure business station like I thought. I saw a mother working with her kid next to her. The desks around her are stacked with papers and other interesting items.

I was invited to the pantry by Christina to discuss the interview sessions. There were packets of nasi lemak and coffee for free. A normality which I have seen so often in contemporary workspaces these days. Food and beverage is given.

Soon, I was heading towards the recording room.

The feel of the recording room was raw and real. The interior design was just bare with the necessary equipment for the interviewer and the interviewee to operate. I liked it like that. The culture of BFM stems from room like these. I was encouraged to speak freely and candidly as possible.

The whole interview took no longer than 20 minutes, and that was it. We had a photo session at the end near the famous BFM wall, where founders and leaders have stood. That was what I have come here to do - to stand amongst the great minds and achievers.

Picture courtesy of BFM 89.9