Ideating With Sunway Malls


Over the last 2 decades, people are spending more and more of their time in malls. Sunway Malls knows this very well. With new malls opening up every few months, the stiff competition is evident in the retail industry. This has since placed growing pressure on Sunway Malls to create more value for their visitors.

Richard was engaged to run an innovation challenge for Sunway Malls, to help their staff think of innovative ideas to create change and innovations for their customers. He was also instrumental in letting them know that that they are all in the position to create value for their company and their customers.

Richard's ability to help participants think empathetically about their customers was a key driver for the whole exercise, even before the ideation process starts. All ideas were validated at the end which indirectly helps the participants to overcome their messiah complex; a psychological bias that eludes us to think that our ideas are right and will always work.


“Richard, thank you for what you taught us for the last two days.”

- Sarah Q