Settling In With My Second Book Launch


My second book launch in a year. How is this possible? New and past supporters came this time around. Looking back, I am blessed to have all of them experience the moment together with me. It is always a pleasure to learn about their life stories as they openly relate them to the books and stories I wrote in the past. There is nothing more satisfying and uplifting to me than to connect with someone new at the heart and emotional level. Here are 3 steps as to how I am able to achieve this.

Be a great listener. There is a reason why God gave us two ears and one mouth, and that is for us to listen twice as hard as we talk. In this world of distraction and noise, people want to be listened to when they are slowly opening up to us. It builds trust, respect and understanding in the relationship.

Be humble. Before you even decide to speak up and share your thoughts, remember to be humble before the person that you are speaking with. Exercise gratitude for what he has shared with you and the time he has given you in return. Remind yourself that the person has decided to open up to you by trusting you in the first place.

Speak from the heart. Be yourself because people can quickly pick out when you are pretending to be someone you are not. I like the way the French put it - wear your heart on your sleeves. Be honest. Failing to do so will eventually build distrust in a relationship.