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Core Purpose

(Launching in the fall of 2018)

Dan Frost was looking for a reason to live as he found no meaning and joy in his life. It was his temple stay at South Korea that changed him forever. The unexpected happened, when he met up with two spiritual human beings who came to teach him the simple secrets to living a fulfilled life.

Written by Richard Ong and Pixie Cigar

Thoughts from Richard Ong

The core purpose concept was handed down to me by a leader while I was experiencing my personal journey outside the corporate world. At that time, I was facing many challenges and victories, all of which did not bring deep fulfilment I desire. A deep question soon came to me and it bothered me for months. Why are we doing the things we are doing?

The leader soon told me to put all my ego aside, everything that I have learned, even the religious teachings as everything I have learned eventually points to core purpose. What I have learned about it has been transformed into this fable. I hope you find meaning in it. I wish you only the best in your future endeavours.

Thoughts from Pixie Cigar

When Richard reached out to me about this book, I was rather skeptical thinking how can one put the core of what we do into a simple yet powerful concept. And this is exactly what he did!

Happy to work with him on this journey of presenting this world to all of you, hope that this will inspire you as it did to Richard and I. And if it is not too much to ask, I hope we were responsible when you have that "Aha! That is it!" moment about life.

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Core Purpose Book by ROPT and Pixie Cigar
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