Books For Discussion


A collection of Richard's books. Most of which are created to encourage conversations around new ideas and thoughts.

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Thoughts during my solitude. A collection of personal thoughts and original artworks, made during my journey as an entrepreneur.

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Core Purpose

An inspiring fable about Dan Frost and his unexpected journey to find out what life is really all about. What he learned was at the core of everything - our core purpose.

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A series of short and inspiring stories that are constantly evolving based on the readers’ feedback. The stories are at its purest form to allow the reader to fill in the gaps as they read them.


“Thanks for being an amazing colleague.”

- Fauzana

“You are the calmest individual that I have met, when it comes to uncertainty.”

- Shaw Fong

Books For Children


Not forgetting the new generation. Richard also spends some of his time writing and illustrating for them.


Caring For Our Elephants

A story about the beautiful nature of elephants. This book was written in collaboration with Elephant Without Borders to help teach the new generation about respecting the local elephants in Africa.


Unexpected Cat

Learn about Bruno the cat, and his courage to protect his mother. A book to teach young people about the importance of being together in a family and the courage to protect your loved ones.

Stories By Creators
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Stories By Creators

A participant handbook to help creators carve and narrate their story. This book was made in collaboration with, to help assist their participants with the programme. To learn more, please visit their website.