Insanely Great Design


I have always been fascinated with Apple products and their ability to create delightful experiences for the user. The book that I am reading right now is entitled Keep it Simple by Hartmut Esslinger, a German-American designer who to my surprise was responsible for helping Apple re-imagine how its products would look like in the future. What drove all of this was a design language called Snow White.

Hartmut Esslinger was not even an Apple employee back in 1982 when he first met Steve. He was already running his design firm called Frog Design and was well on his way to design products for Sony and Louis Vuitton. But Steve wanted to drive design first at Apple, and that was a rare opportunity for Esslinger to experience even in his industry.

While reading his book, I was blown away to find out that his design influences on Steve's thinking and Apple's products have stood the test of time until today. Even back in 1982, they were already thinking about how the Mac Book and iPad would look and feel, even to the extent of building prototypes for those products. Designing is not easy. Great designers design for the future in mind so that the company's DNA, culture and vision can be conveyed over many decades.