Visiting Islands


It was my first time going to Jakarta and Bandung; two cities nestled within an archipelago that is made up of 18,000 islands, spanning 5,150 kilometres from east to west, blessed with three different time zones. I have been to Bali twice, but my visit to this part of Indonesia was going to be unexpected. We arrived in Jakarta very early that morning. Already, I could see the number of vehicles on the road was starting to build up. The average Jakartan spends ten years of their life in traffic, and I was about to spend 3 hours of my life travelling out of Jakarta towards Bandung. Most of the slow down was due to the massive construction to build elevated highways, an initiative by the government to improve traffic congestion. They are already working towards a smarter city, where street lamps, traffic lights and ambulances are fitted with intelligent technology to reduce macet (gridlock).