Evolution Of Tech


Not many saw it coming, but the futurist and technologist have been waiting patiently for technology to catch up with humans, and like any loving parents, they too would like to see their techno child take form and stand alongside us.

It started with the pre-agricultural revolution when humans were hunters and gatherers, culminating a whole range of skills to survive in the wild. Fast forward in time came the post-industrial revolution, where humans began to specialise themselves in order to develop greater things as an organisation, opening up the opportunity for mass-production and mass-comsumption, but they could not achieve this without the advancement of technology.

Capitalists soon realise that technology and automation were the key drivers to increase profits. Henry Ford took advantage of machine automation during his time by introducing the assembly line, and now banks like Axis and Deutsche are using Robotic Processing Automation to automate their processes, making RPA a $29 billion industry by 2021.

Technology now armed with algorithms, fast computational power and memory that never clears, marches on to take over our specialise work, especially in the service sector that hardly requires any physical needs, only good cognitive capabilities to perform the work. Cognitive needs are what technology is excellent at, and AI with its algorithms are poised to prove to us all that it can do a better job.

There are no surprises here that technology is competing with us today. Jobs are already being replaced by bots and machines over time, with higher precision, driven by smart algorithms to make calculated decisions based on a large amount of data, far beyond what we could do today. So it is humans versus machines, will we rise to the calling of finding new jobs and opportunities as technology replaces our 20th-century job roles?

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