What I Absolutely Love About Aesop!


Mother’s Day was fast approaching, and I knew that I wanted to get something useful for my wife. Something that will make her feel special again after sacrificing so much for our children. I knew Aesop was something up her alley and brought her to the nearest store in our neighbourhood.

The newly renovated Aesop store inspired every cell in my body. It is indeed a space that has been evolving since 1987, and today is delivering a customer shopping experience like no other. The darken lights against the different textured walls and furniture folded harmoniously within itself, a combination of a minimalist setting within the confines of a modern 21st-century art gallery. Absolutely tasteful.

I love how every single detail spiked my senses - the interior design, table counters, ambient sounds and the minimalist packaging were designed to tell a story of honesty and purity. I don't think many brands out there has matured enough to deliver such class in product delivery. There are no ads in the store and no promotional prices to distract you. Instead, it is just about you and their products.

Their packaging was distilled down to the essentials, designed for practicality. The dark brown colour bottles and the aluminium tubes have been chosen to minimize the need for preservatives. The instructions and ingredients are also cleverly printed on their labels to rid the need for boxes and direction leaflets.

I also like how their staff comes to you calmly without any pretentious vibes. They are not selling you anything, instead, shares their own experiences with the products and what it can also do for you. At any one point in time, I never felt like I was being sold anything or being left out on my own. That is excellent customer service. A great salesman enlightens and gives you your space. The last thing he wants is to try and sell you something.

It is worthwhile to visit an Aesop shop to experience another class of shopping experience like no other, and I would say it is Aesop's own identity culminating over decades of the founder's vision of beauty through simplicity and enriched living, without the unnecessary glorification that other beauty companies are pushing down our throats today.

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Richard Ong is the author of Mindsets and Core Purpose. He now devotes his time to helping others develop new ideas and projects for the future. He is also a business coach and keynote speaker, with multiple IBM Bravo and Performance awards. He was met by Prince Charles to discuss his entrepreneurial efforts in Malaysia. Richard has been featured on BFM and Sunway. Visit roptcreate.com to learn more and to connect with him.