Experiencing Urban Freedom


America is the land of the free, as they say, where man's freedom is upheld to the highest levels for the rest of the world to follow.

I came across a book recently, entitled 'Man's Search for Meaning', and decided to consume it slowly with my heart. It touches on the author's experience at the Auschwitz concentration camp where he had experienced the worst of humanity's cruel intentions. He further explains in his book about man's ultimate freedom is to choose his outcome that is free from the influence of his environment, especially the one he was facing at the time.

What about man's other freedom in today's modernity? A time far from the trappings and morbid time of World War 2. What is our last freedom, when faced with depression, economic crisis, the loss of a job? Can we reference what Victor E. Frankl mentioned in his book about man's last freedom?

Far and wide, the answer is obviously 'yes' but the choice is yours to make, and I think there are a few areas that one has to consider to live a life of freedom in the modern world. Let’s break it down.

One of which is to obtain financial freedom first - free from being trapped in a job. Being financially strapped down means that you are not able to leave your job, which inadvertently means that you will do anything to keep that job, even if the job sucks. When you are financially free, you can start exploring options like taking a sabbatical.

Having the freedom to take a break from work to explore life has many upsides - like growth, re-aligning one's self with nature, explore the blessed opportunities in life and to find personal direction from within. Something that I find hard to do when I am always working.

The second practice to live a life of freedom is to manage time effectively. A man without time management will find even the longest days too short to live. He is not able to do what he aspires and therefore finds it dis-heartening to move on. We all have the opportunity to create more time in the day through the art of time management.

Last act to freedom in an urban setting is about simplifying one's life to its essentials, trimming the dead edges around you so you can live an optimal and productive life without the high cost of living. Remember, the high price of living means you will have to work hard to maintain it continually, that means find a job.

To conclude, today's man has far less time for himself and taking breaks from work to grow is becoming a novelty for most; or at least what is perceived in society these days. Taking breaks from work allows one to explore himself and life itself, nurturing his character from within; but being free can only be achieved when you are financially free through simple living while having reasonable control over time to make your days worthwhile.