What Passion Looks Like In A Sushi


I am spellbound by sushi master, Chef Nozomu Abe, and his religious dedication to master his craft in sushi making. But blowing the taste buds alone with his traditional and honest sushi alone is not enough, as he even considered the little details of his restaurant to bring about the best dining experience in the world. Doing so requires passion and dedication from him and his team. He wakes up early in the morning to start preparing his air-flown delivery of fresh seafood from Japan.

He and his team spent the morning seasoning and preparing the ingredients and the rest of the day is used to prepare the restaurant, making sure that the environment compliments the dishes and delights the customer. Chef Nozomu Abe only serves eight customers per day. That is crazy! The cost is $300 per person. No cancellation. He must be fully booked throughout the year to be sustainable.

I think we can all aspire to run our business the same way Chef Nozomu Abe does.

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