Who Is Running IKEA?


There are a number of profitable companies today who are backed by foundations with large amounts of liquid cash. Founders often set this up for the future sustainability of the business, avoiding corporate takeovers of the company and better tax management.

More often useful than bad, foundations can be used to invest for the long term future, especially in other ventures that will create value for the overall business. One of the other main reason is to manage and increase their financial reserves, through their investment portfolios, for their primary business usage when a financial crisis happens.

Foundation led business such as IKEA is a private company that is currently managed by two foundations, collectively are reported to be the wealthiest after the Bill and Malinda Gates foundation. Stichting INGKA Foundation indirectly manages the IKEA retail outlets and related investments for IKEA, and Interogo Foundation indirectly controls the IKEA systems and supplies.

Another company that I admire is Sunway University which is currently managed by the Jeffrey Cheah Foundation, an education-driven foundation for the greater good of the nation’s education and the sustainability of the university. It also gives Sunway University a competitive advantage over their competitors as they do not have any shareholders to manage except the board of trustee in the foundation.

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