How To Be With Myself


I have found myself in its purest form, and truth be told, it is not what you might have imagined it to be like feeling so bare naked. Life at this point is going to be much simpler with the clearest of clarity — a state of mind that I have found to be unnerving at times. Meeting yourself with no pretentious mediator in between will only pose one concern, well at least to me, "How do you say hello to your true-self in the morning?"

Your internal and external predicates are now functioning as one like how a tire would be gripping to the rim of a car that is spinning at a velocity of 10x. There is now a direct link between who you are inside and what you will be portraying outside.

It takes courage to be yourself and, nevertheless, to be all genuine about your flaws and strengths in its entirety. It takes just as much courage to set forth with what you were meant to become, and there is going to be a lot of challenging experiences forthcoming. From the sincerest of my heart, here is the best of luck to us both with our future endeavours.