Money Is Not Everything

My mom used to tell me that money is everything, especially when I was looking for the right job. For her, money is the defining factor for everything as it sets the precedence to a well-lived life. I shrugged off that notion quickly and never held back my desires to correct her.

More than 10 years later, I have to admit that I am absolutely wrong and I may have to add that my mom was not entirely clear with me. It was only recently when I shared my idea of money that she finally believes that I got it. I could see a gleam of happiness on her face.

After developing my own business, worked with teams, finance projects, and started a family, I have now come to a new conclusion about money and its place in our lives. Let me clarify what my mom meant - Money is not everything, Money is subtly everything, as it is intertwined in every part of our lives.