You Are The Brush


I was recently asked to share my experience working with people within the entrepreneurship community and how I was successful in rallying people from different backgrounds to work together towards a common goal. When I first heard the question, I wondered - is this what I naturally do on a daily basis? I thought it was normal pulling people to work on something new together.

To help my interviewer envisioned my thoughts better, I gave her a metaphor of the brush and a palate of watercolours to represent my life. I see the people around me as colours, with their own different shades of characters and attributes. What I consider my life to be is an example of an empty canvas, where I use it to paint what I want to see in the world, therefore I am the brush. My purpose as the brush is to place the different colours on the different parts of the canvas to paint a picture that I want. It is that simple and I have never once thought twice about it until recently.