Focus On A Few Things


I just turned 37 years old and I am very grateful for every single day since my 'near death accident'. Around 20 years ago, I was somewhat hit by a speeding car that had my BMX bicycle mutilated in ways unimaginable, but I survived the whole episode without a single scratch on me. If I did not make the split second jump off my bike, I would probably not be around to write this post for you today.

Life can be really short and the end may come unexpectedly for us, or sooner than we think. I try to remind myself every day that I only have that much of hours left and I really need to spend it wisely. In terms of work, I only focus on areas related to coaching and books. These are the kind of commitments that I feel is important not only for me but to those I serve and bring value to, and I only invest my time in activities that I am confident that I will be working on even when I am old. As for my personal life, it would have to be my family and health.