Don't Do What You Love

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The idea of 'do what you love and the money will come' is something I found very hard to construe over the past few years. It is a sentiment that I have been sharing with people and the feedback clearly points out that this may not stand true most of the time.

For illustration sake, I would like to share about my love for painting. I could be doing it for years on my own at home and the idea of money flying towards me is still unconceivable. I kept telling myself that something is missing. I personally grappled over this gap for a while now.

Now I would like to have you consider an alternate statement to the above - 'do what it takes to create the value you want for others and the money will come'. Always starting with the value that I intend to give, and do whatever it takes to make it happen. How is this better?

Let's go back to my love for painting and play out a different scenario now. I am going to start with the value I intend to give, that is to write a book that can help people realise their purpose, and the best way to help them understand their purpose is to provide them with illustrations on certain concepts from the book. Now, I will do whatever it takes to do the illustrations because I know it will help my readers visualise better. Hence, in doing so, I end up loving what I do as I gradually learn about the satisfaction that others are getting from it. It so happens, people benefited from book and they will exchange money for it.

I guess the right way to go about it is to first decide what value are you trying to create for others, and do what it takes to deliver that value. In the process of creating value, you will eventually love what you do and, as the cliche goes, the money will come soon after.