Being Curious


"Curiosity kills the cat", so they say but I still think it is a good thing for the cat. I used to think that it was risky to be curious, that danger will suddenly pop up to bite you in the butt when you are curious enough to start breaking rules. I can remember burning half my house down when I was young but I won't go into that. 

What if the rules do not make sense? What if the rules or the system are not applicable today and can be improved? Sometimes breaking the norm of what society expects, or going beyond our fears, can be a good learning process that creates change. 

Back when I was in secondary school, I was influenced by the so-called 'law-breakers' who thought me that there is life beyond the brick walls that contained us. Skipping school became a daily adventure for me. I enjoyed being in the wild and in different environments. I knew that what is stored behind this rebellious act will somehow amount to something useful.  

I guess I found myself that way. Today, I acknowledge that it is good to do something hard and uncomfortable because all growth and opportunities are almost certainly found behind them, and not necessarily in those that are easy and predictable. Side note, please don't burn your house down.