Meeting Myself


It has been more than two years of solitude and soul searching. I have come around one full circle to realise how much I enjoy illustrating and writing for my books, blog and programmes. It is something I really love to do that brings value and builds meaningful relationships with others.

It is not only important to enjoy what you are doing, but to also consider the sustainability side of things. I believe in the value that I am bringing, and I am sure others do too, therefore the support will come if, and only if, I bring value to them. It is already happening today. Non of the above will come easy, or at least in a short period of time. Here is an insight if you are planning to go down this path.

Solitude and being by yourself has big role to play here. There will be many talks made between yourself and the inner-self while you are on the journey. You will need the to gain the trust from the inside out in order to be really honest with yourself, only then will the inner-self open up to reveal areas in your life that is important to you. I never found this possible while I was in the mode of being busy. You see, we can be busy focusing on work all the time, while we neglect our inner-self who is screaming for attention. Invest your time to get to know him or her today.