Starting Up With A Family

Building a startup when you have a family is extremely tough. Period! I built two startups before I became a father and it was much easier back then. The commitments were not that high and you tend to have more time to move around and make things happen. I used to be able to work through the night but not anymore. Time alone is just one factor that changed - having a family also means that your wife and kids are absorbing some of your risks as you go along building a company with a business model that is still in the making. While you are at it, your mind has to stay equally focus at home after work, and being in the present is a skill that needs a lot of practice. My wife is taking on a larger load than I am, working on her day job and taking care of the family at the same time. She is someone I have a lot of respect for. It is easy to take others for granted while your mind is constantly fixated at work. It is time to meditate and be grateful for the loving and supportive people around us.