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I was not sure whether or not to go up to Sultan Nazrin the other day. We were at one section of the bookstore where his bodyguards were standing around doing what they do best - observing for any potential threats that may harm him. In return, I cannot help myself from observing the sultan's every move.

He is indeed a book lover. Now almost filling up his basket, he was picking up books from different sections, covering politics, history, business and maybe even some law books. It is rare for me to see someone gobble up so many books in one go. I was inspired to see how much he reads.

Books are a wonderful way to grow and expand our minds. It can help us generate new ideas for our personal and professional life. Reading books is also an affordable way to have a conversation with the author about their topics.

Like they say, if you want to know someone better, find out what he or she reads.