Finding Yourself

I would like to believe that we are all trying to find ourselves these days, or simply be ourselves. With our days filled with distractions and thing to do, it is no surprise that there is hardly any time spent on achieving the above. We work during the day, family time in the evening, and whatever time left is spent on recuperating in bed.

There are of course the quick fixes to address the above, to which I don't necessarily subscribe to. I tried imagining and modelling after a bunch of successful people. I even created a mood board containing images of the lifestyle and things that I aspire to own. I failed miserably in adopting all of these quick fixes in the long run. It was disappointing. 

I think the real problem is not knowing who we are and what we want to be, rather it is having the quality time to have an honest conversation with ourselves, or just spending quality time knowing who we truly are. Telling yourself to model after someone else is far more damaging in the long run because your are trying to force yourself to be someone that you are not. It is important to be honest and open about our flaws and weaknesses. Have an open conversation with yourself today without being judgemental and forceful. Be a good listener to yourself. It will take time but it is well worth it.