A Vehicle To Create Value

There is very little need to boast about running or owning a company. People don’t care about companies that don't bring them value. So if you say you have a few companies under your belt, the truth is that no one cares if they are not interested in the products or services offered. 

If you are in to build a company just to impress friends without the passion for the cause, I am afraid that you will be terribly disappointed. The value that you want to create has to be worth your while because investing your life in building a company, or even starting a movement, is mentally and physically draining. Sacrifices have to be made.

I am convinced that the only reason why we would want to run a company is to simply create value for the people we serve, and not necessarily to impress anyone. It is a humbling job, as the servant of the company and what it stands for, knowing that arrogance and pride over others have no place here. As a servant, it is my honour to serve my teams who are in need of direction and guidance.