My Family Soil

Life and success would be meaningless without my wife and little girl. They are a source of inspiration to me as I go on to create more value for the people I serve. Their support provides me with the necessary nourishment to fuel my mind and body so I can keep pushing on. Without them, I would not have the best soil to grow from. Therefore, I must remember to always go back to my soil to make sure it is constantly cared for and nourished. It is the very reason for my existence.

I sometimes take my family for granted, thinking that I can go out and just focus on my work, while they are left to self-manage themselves. I found out that this is never the best approach as they need me and I need them. You cannot do great work without doing great work at home first. You cannot go out to create a better world without creating a better home for your family first. The home is the central point of my life and it is where I can go to grow love, get inspired and find meaning.