Companies And Superficial Pride

There is no pride alone in running or owning your company. Even if there is, it is only superficial that drains you over time, leaving you wanting more and more. It is like a shopping addiction at the end of it all where you will find yourself wanting more and more.

I found out early on that most people, if not all, don’t care how many companies you own but what they do care about are the ones that bring value to them. Therefore, it only makes sense to me now that the only reason why we would want to run one is to create value for the people we serve.

It is a humbling job, as the servant of the company, knowing that arrogance and pride really have no place in the hearts of our partners, competitors and customers. As a humble founder, it is an honour to help the teams in need, provide guidance and direction whenever required and serve my customers with humility and respect.