Creatures At Bay

Welcome to my personal space, where I have come to take refuge from the grimly creatures that stop me from doing great work. They have always been around, creeping in and out of my life to blind me from all the things I care most. They come in the form of distractions, fatigue and laziness. While they come and go, I will always acknowledge them and accept their reasons for challenging me. You can say that they are my life’s counter-balance. If I happen to fall on my knees to satisfy their wishes, I will not blame them as I know that the true fault is within me, and only mine to bare. This would have been a time where I have presented my lack of willpower, strength or courage. My grimly creatures at bay, always challenging me to become better. They are just next to you, turn over and say hello to yours.

Thoughts during my solitude. A new book containing a collection of personal thoughts and original artworks made during Richard's journey as an entrepreneur.