How To Set Humble Goals


It is that time of the year when I sit myself down to write modest goals. My life is simply made up of four sections, so it was relatively easy to set expectations for those departments in my head. Here are my three tips to set modest goals.

Set goals that can grow yourself as a human being, and not necessarily to impress anyone. I made one too many mistakes with the latter one, and up until this day, those goals did not mean anything to me. Set goals that can make you better than the year before. With this approach, the satisfaction of achieving those goals will be much rewarding.

Align your goals to create value for yourself and others, and not forgetting to build meaningful relationships with them. You will grow way much more along the way and opportunities will soon follow.

Last but not least, celebrate your goals when you have achieved them. Take the opportunity to host a dinner to honor your goals with others, or get someone a gift to tell them that you are happy that you have achieved your goals. Goals are not meant to be chores. They are meant to be fun and personally challenging - so celebrate them whenever you can.