How To Bullet-proof Yourself


The waiter gently placed a cup of mocha before me. The lights in the cafe were rather dim that morning - while I took a sip of that thick black liquid to prep me up for the rest of the day.

A friend of mine from Harvard came over to my neighbourhood for a visit. Nice of him to come all the way for a catch-up meeting. A well-dressed man with a heart that deserves admiration.

As we refuelled ourselves and quenched our thirst again, we went on to discuss the art of leadership and the whole idea that the role of an individual is secondary to the self.

He explained his way of bullet-proofing himself, ”We all have two versions of ourselves. The first version is the role, and the other is the self. The role of an individual is of no interest to me right now. Everyone can perform those roles if given time. Anyway, everyone will always be critical of each other's role. It does not matter, understand your critics and move on."

"But the self is different. It is the value system and inner sanctum that no other can access from the outside. The self is where leaders operate from and find refuge away from the noise. They allow the role to create change and take the heat while they command with vigor to create change from the self.”