Why Is Spotify The Best


I am a big fan of Spotify. It is one of my most used apps, right after the unavoidable Whatsapp. Spotify and I were destined to be together for a long time, until I decided to purchase the Apple TV and brought it back home to infuse entertainment within my living room. It too has everything a man cave needs - movies, podcast, apps, photos, news and a whole lot more. What was lacking is Spotify.

The only way to listen to subscription music on Apple TV is through Apple Music. I quickly unsubscribed my Spotify and took up the challenge of giving Apple Music a try. I soon came to realize what a terrible mistake I have made. This is why…

Although Apple Music has a clean look, it does not fully showcase what it was offering to its users - that is good music. I found it hard to browse music on it. The curated playlist was not so good after all and the whole app was far too slow to load songs. Worst off; I can't find my favourite artists or albums that I could get on Spotify before. It is time to admit my mistake and to re-subscribe back to Spotify. Sorry, Apple Music. I know you have tried your best.