Starting My Journey As A Triathlete


It is 6.00 am and crunching time starts now to whip my body into shape. I have always been running, cycling, and occasionally swimming ever since I was in primary school. I will not forget the first time I was taught to ride a bike by my dad. I found out that you can still ride a bike on 2 wheels even though you had 4 to begin with. I later found out that you can do the same with one wheel.

Swimming did not come easy and figuring out a way to submerge my head below water did not come naturally until my best friend asked me to squeeze my nose, hold my breath and squat under water. Nerve-wracking but highly effective on that very day. I was soon floating underwater and all I had to do was to start kicking.

Running came very naturally to me. I joined many sports-day events but I was never able to win the goal medals, just because my best friend was the fastest in school. Like Hussein Bolt in the flesh, I was left with one or two bronze while his neck was adorned with multiple gold medals and a trophy as the icing. Envy was injected into my bloodstream.

Connecting the dots back to these 3 disciplines and putting them together just screams triathlon for me. What a great challenge to take up. I have heard of many heart-moving stories of triathletes who were once a convict, an addict, and even disabled. Yet, they all took up the IronMan to overcome their challenges in life. That is magic for me and it does not come overnight. You have to be on your journey and train hard for it.

Training for a marathon or a jamboree on its own is pretty straightforward, but what if you have to train for all three disciplines? How do you bring running, swimming and cycling together up to a standard where you can finish the Ironman race?