How To Optimize Your Day With A G-Shock Watch

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There is always a shortage of time for us to do it all in a day. Time seems to drift through us and before you know it, Sunday comes by to make you feel anxious about Monday. You look back and you wonder how you have gotten by the weekend and not do much.

Like money, our time has a way of slipping through our fingers, only if it is not managed or at least monitored briefly. The seconds will start to turn into minutes and the minutes will eventually turn into hours. These days, 30 minutes will rocket by us in a blink. Now, how do I manage time to get more out of it?

I usually manage my days in units of 25 minutes each. For example, if I plan to clean up my house, I would set my timer to 1 unit and work within it. If I am planning to head to the gym, I would then set my timer to 2 units. Notice that I chose 25 minutes, the next 5 minutes is my break time before the next activity starts.

Now you can get a digital kitchen timer from Daiso for a very low price. You can also use your smartphone, although I am highly against using it because of the distractions like alerts and YouTube. The most effective tool that I have been using so far is my trusted G-Shock watch that has a built-in timer. It goes with me everywhere and makes sure I clock in those units.