How I Run My Day

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My daily wake up starts off the way I try to have it, fresh and challenging. I don't get the same kind of morning every day, especially the way I planned it, but it does challenge me to work hard for it.

A good wasted morning is when one wakes up to dwell too much in the past and future. I understand you can't change the past and we are poor predictors of our future. Does it 'entirely' matter at the end of the day? We all know that life has a way of throwing us a curve ball once in a while. For example, you got that promotion you have been waiting and planning for. Happy with the pay raise, life soon breaks the news that your family is suffering from a critical illness and that you have to relook into your life savings to finance the medical bills. Reflecting on this, I tend to guide myself to live often in the now. It starts with how I begin and end my day.

The morning. I wake up early to meditate and refocus my mind on the now and to remind myself who I really am; free of the influences and distractions of others. The areas I usually focus on are mindfulness thoughts related to my personal values, family and close friends, professional life, personal life and health. Once that all comes to me, I will whip out my journal to pour my ideas into it. The journal is a good reflection point for me and it is where I usually kick-start my writings.

The evening. The most sacred time of my day when I spend the last hours of it with my family. I will pick up a book once they have fallen asleep. It could be any book as long as I am reading something. After the reading is done, I will then proceed to turn on my calming music, switch on the defuser that percolates an orange scent into the air, and without further delay, start my night meditation to reflect on my day with gratitude.