Coming Back Home

There is always a down-side every time I work late into the night. Especially from home when I have to juggle between work, house chores and taking care of my family. Af first, I thought it was a good thing to be able to do all of these under one roof. I was terribly mistaken today. I get agitated and stressed-out just before I sleep and this effects my mood the next day.

This is why I appreciate co-working spaces where I can just do all of my work throughout the day and leave it all behind before I come return home to my family. Besides spending time with them and working on the house, I would always take the time to read and journal about the day, my ideas and plans for the next day. The next morning was worry free this time, as I know what exactly needs to be done for the day. 

The home should be a place of inspiration for self-reflection, relaxation, and learning. It is a place for rejuvenation and growth, not a place to deal with stress from work. This is the kind of place that I want to come back to at the end of the day.