Training Out


It has been 3 weeks since I started my training, and I am not doing it alone. I have an app that tells me how much more I have to run and cycle during the week. The app is relentless and emotionally detached from me. I just have to assure it that I meet my weekly goals and keep up with this year's target. So what do my weekly goals look like?

Run for at least 10km and cycle for another 20km each week. I do it alternatively as I go along, but I will try to perform them both together over the weekend, just so that I can simulate an actual duathlon. The ultimate goal is to participate in actual duathlon which will have me run for 10km, cycle for 40km and end it all with another 5km run.

So the training continues, whether I am running early in the morning when everyone is still asleep, or late at night when everyone is preparing to sleep. My app will always be there with me to continually kick my butt.

How To Be With Myself


I have found myself in its purest form, and truth be told, it is not what you might have imagined it to be like feeling so bare naked. Life at this point is going to be much simpler with the clearest of clarity — a state of mind that I have found to be unnerving at times. Meeting yourself with no pretentious mediator in between will only pose one concern, well at least to me, "How do you say hello to your true-self in the morning?"

Your internal and external predicates are now functioning as one like how a tire would be gripping to the rim of a car that is spinning at a velocity of 10x. There is now a direct link between who you are inside and what you will be portraying outside.

It takes courage to be yourself and, nevertheless, to be all genuine about your flaws and strengths in its entirety. It takes just as much courage to set forth with what you were meant to become, and there is going to be a lot of challenging experiences forthcoming. From the sincerest of my heart, here is the best of luck to us both with our future endeavours.

What Am I Working On?


I think about my work often and whether it will pay off in the long run. Most of my work involves leading, teaching, coaching and running a company of like-minded creators to help people connect through their stories, not forgetting being a husband and father. That is a lot to handle in a day.

While I am busy keeping myself busy, I do try to make it a point to pen my ideas down on paper, in hopes that I would have written enough content to publish my next book. To be honest, I sometimes feel consumed and exhausted at the end of it all, with all the work combined.

The only way for me to keep sane is to take a step back in life and to remind myself that hard work is always there for a reason - that is to create value for others. It gets more comfortable for me as I make this shift in mindset.

I merely see simplicity in myself and the meaningful work I am pursuing at hand. Nothing else. At the end of the day, what I am working on is my cause and the cause is, in itself, who I honestly am.

How To Bullet-proof Yourself


The waiter gently placed a cup of mocha before me. The lights in the cafe were rather dim that morning - while I took a sip of that thick black liquid to prep me up for the rest of the day.

A friend of mine from Harvard came over to my neighbourhood for a visit. Nice of him to come all the way for a catch-up meeting. A well-dressed man with a heart that deserves admiration.

As we refuelled ourselves and quenched our thirst again, we went on to discuss the art of leadership and the whole idea that the role of an individual is secondary to the self.

He explained his way of bullet-proofing himself, ”We all have two versions of ourselves. The first version is the role, and the other is the self. The role of an individual is of no interest to me right now. Everyone can perform those roles if given time. Anyway, everyone will always be critical of each other's role. It does not matter, understand your critics and move on."

"But the self is different. It is the value system and inner sanctum that no other can access from the outside. The self is where leaders operate from and find refuge away from the noise. They allow the role to create change and take the heat while they command with vigor to create change from the self.”

Why Is Spotify The Best


I am a big fan of Spotify. It is one of my most used apps, right after the unavoidable Whatsapp. Spotify and I were destined to be together for a long time, until I decided to purchase the Apple TV and brought it back home to infuse entertainment within my living room. It too has everything a man cave needs - movies, podcast, apps, photos, news and a whole lot more. What was lacking is Spotify.

The only way to listen to subscription music on Apple TV is through Apple Music. I quickly unsubscribed my Spotify and took up the challenge of giving Apple Music a try. I soon came to realize what a terrible mistake I have made. This is why…

Although Apple Music has a clean look, it does not fully showcase what it was offering to its users - that is good music. I found it hard to browse music on it. The curated playlist was not so good after all and the whole app was far too slow to load songs. Worst off; I can't find my favourite artists or albums that I could get on Spotify before. It is time to admit my mistake and to re-subscribe back to Spotify. Sorry, Apple Music. I know you have tried your best.

How To Set Humble Goals


It is that time of the year when I sit myself down to write modest goals. My life is simply made up of four sections, so it was relatively easy to set expectations for those departments in my head. Here are my three tips to set modest goals.

Set goals that can grow yourself as a human being, and not necessarily to impress anyone. I made one too many mistakes with the latter one, and up until this day, those goals did not mean anything to me. Set goals that can make you better than the year before. With this approach, the satisfaction of achieving those goals will be much rewarding.

Align your goals to create value for yourself and others, and not forgetting to build meaningful relationships with them. You will grow way much more along the way and opportunities will soon follow.

Last but not least, celebrate your goals when you have achieved them. Take the opportunity to host a dinner to honor your goals with others, or get someone a gift to tell them that you are happy that you have achieved your goals. Goals are not meant to be chores. They are meant to be fun and personally challenging - so celebrate them whenever you can.

Starting My Journey As A Triathlete


It is 6.00 am and crunching time starts now to whip my body into shape. I have always been running, cycling, and occasionally swimming ever since I was in primary school. I will not forget the first time I was taught to ride a bike by my dad. I found out that you can still ride a bike on 2 wheels even though you had 4 to begin with. I later found out that you can do the same with one wheel.

Swimming did not come easy and figuring out a way to submerge my head below water did not come naturally until my best friend asked me to squeeze my nose, hold my breath and squat under water. Nerve-wracking but highly effective on that very day. I was soon floating underwater and all I had to do was to start kicking.

Running came very naturally to me. I joined many sports-day events but I was never able to win the goal medals, just because my best friend was the fastest in school. Like Hussein Bolt in the flesh, I was left with one or two bronze while his neck was adorned with multiple gold medals and a trophy as the icing. Envy was injected into my bloodstream.

Connecting the dots back to these 3 disciplines and putting them together just screams triathlon for me. What a great challenge to take up. I have heard of many heart-moving stories of triathletes who were once a convict, an addict, and even disabled. Yet, they all took up the IronMan to overcome their challenges in life. That is magic for me and it does not come overnight. You have to be on your journey and train hard for it.

Training for a marathon or a jamboree on its own is pretty straightforward, but what if you have to train for all three disciplines? How do you bring running, swimming and cycling together up to a standard where you can finish the Ironman race?

How To Optimize Your Day With A G-Shock Watch

Scan10001 2.JPG

There is always a shortage of time for us to do it all in a day. Time seems to drift through us and before you know it, Sunday comes by to make you feel anxious about Monday. You look back and you wonder how you have gotten by the weekend and not do much.

Like money, our time has a way of slipping through our fingers, only if it is not managed or at least monitored briefly. The seconds will start to turn into minutes and the minutes will eventually turn into hours. These days, 30 minutes will rocket by us in a blink. Now, how do I manage time to get more out of it?

I usually manage my days in units of 25 minutes each. For example, if I plan to clean up my house, I would set my timer to 1 unit and work within it. If I am planning to head to the gym, I would then set my timer to 2 units. Notice that I chose 25 minutes, the next 5 minutes is my break time before the next activity starts.

Now you can get a digital kitchen timer from Daiso for a very low price. You can also use your smartphone, although I am highly against using it because of the distractions like alerts and YouTube. The most effective tool that I have been using so far is my trusted G-Shock watch that has a built-in timer. It goes with me everywhere and makes sure I clock in those units.