“With the caveat that I am still trying to figure things out, here are some advice that I have found useful over the years. I believe that if you practice them religiously, you will soon become a person of value with endless potential to create change.”


Create Value For Others

Your growth and personal value increases when you create value for others. Think about it, everyone closest to you right now are bringing value to you some way or the other. Our world will expand when we seek to create value and if we are always looking out for our self serving needs - our world shrinks. I encouraged you to think about what value you can bring for your country, company, family and community today. When you become valuable, the world will reward you in return.

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Build Meaningful Relationships

Our lives are built on meaningful relationships. We have since adopted this ancient survival skill from our cave man ancestors to stay away from harm and it is still an important skill for us today. Meaningful relationships allows us to be of value to others and to help us feel relevant. Just think about all your memorable memories and you will find that there is always someone there to share it with you. Relationships are not only between two individuals. Businesses and teams are all built on relationships to create value for others. Focus on building meaningful relationships today and you will create more opportunities for yourself and others.

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Uphold Your Personal Values

Having your own personal values will give you a tremendous amount of clarity and focus to make the right decisions in life. We will be challenged to step out of our comfort zone to create change and it is always good to cross check your actions against your own personal values before making a decision. Values are also what you stand for to maintain your integrity. In today's world, your integrity is priceless and once it is lost, it is hard to earn it back. Maintain your integrity by upholding your values and people will respect you for it. My set of values are to be kind, be brave and always speak the truth. What is yours?

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Do What You Say Every Time

Your spoken word carries a lot of weight and everyone around us are constantly observing whether or not we act on what we say. If we go against our word, not only our integrity is lost but we are also cultivating the inability to move forward. A leader once told me that everyone will always end up delivering two 'R' when they want to create change. The first 'R' is 'Results' and if they cannot deliver that, they will always give 'Reasons' in return. You want to be the one to always deliver 'Results'. Action speaks louder than words. Less talk and more doing.

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Run Towards Your Fears And Embrace Change

There has never been anything good that comes out from being in your own comfort zone. When you are in your comfort zone, you are not growing personally and there is practically no opportunities to create more value. An ASEAN technology leader shared with me once that we should always do the things that scares us because that is where we will grow the fastest. Work that we fear are really the kind of work worth doing. I challenged you to constantly pursue the kind of challenges and work that often scares you. Good will always come out from it.

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Keep Things Simple

From our electronic devices to the advertisements we see on television, we are now finding it even harder to stay focused at work. Being focused is starting to feel like a luxury for the few. Lack of focused means complexity in our every day lives. What we can do is to simplify our lives to be focused on what is most important to us and disregard those that only distracts us. As the saying goes, less is more.

I wish you only the best in your future endeavours.