Let's create value and build meaningful relationships together.

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Hello there. My name is Richard Ong and I am someone who is passionate about helping people realise their full potential to create value and build meaningful relationships. After 14 years of management experience at a multi-national company, I left my corporate life behind without realising that I had a deep void within myself. A void that lacks meaning, purpose and value. It was during this time through my solitude and my meetings with giants that pushed me to create a more fulfilling life, filled with purpose and passion. Today, I am on my mission to help people discover their Purpose, Passion and Pursuit in 3 simple steps, together with my values - Be Kind, Be Brave and Speak The Truth. 

Fast forward a few years later, Richard Ong is now an author of 5 books, amongst them are Mindsets and Core Purpose. He now devotes his time to helping people build businesses and projects that can make a difference. He is also a business coach and keynote speaker. A former professional violin player, he is the proud holder of multiple IBM Bravo and Performance awards. He was met by Prince Charles from the UK to discuss his entrepreneurial efforts in Malaysia. Richard has been featured on BFM and Sunway and is the founder of Petalz.org, a company that helps people connect through stories.

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Step 1. Discover Your Purpose


We all share the same core purpose in life. It is time to realise it once again.

You’ve ignited a fire and WORQ’s community wouldn’t be the same without you.
— Community Team, WORQ

Step 2. Redefine Your Passion

Passion is a sacrifice and a devotion from one to another. Hobbies are for leisure.

You are an honorable man.
— Samuel Kim, Center for Asia Leadership

Step 3. Pursue With Your Heart


Our work is driven by our passion. Most importantly, it should come from the heart.


Thoughts during my solitude. A new book containing my personal thoughts and original artworks made during my entrepreneurial journey.